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PROGRAMMING / CMS - After 10 years, Keith has done just about everything while working for diverse companies from start-ups to large law firms, short of eating fire, that is. Through it all, he thought one thing was missing - truly listening to the customer and giving them what they need to be successful. At KMK, Keith uses his extensive experience to find the right solution for clients whether it's with KMK's content management system (CMS), custom programming or the perfect cocktail recipe for an outdoor party.

SALES  - With more than 10 years experience in sales, marketing, and web development Melyssa brings an energy to KMK unlike any other. Her enthusiasm is inspiring, contagious and possibly illegal in two states. Melyssa attended school in Providence, RI for web management and concentrated on entrepreneurship. She has been in the web world since 1996, when she taught herself HTML. She and her husband moved to Charleston in 2007, and recently welcomed the arrival of their first child.

DESIGN / STRATEGY - Kit has over 12 years experience in graphic design and strategic marketing. She began her career in Atlanta and later moved to Charleston, because Atlanta has no beach and too much traffic. Kit previously was Director of Creative Services in the ad agency world, and most recently started her own agency, Kit Creative Marketing. With KMK, she is excited to fulfill the needs of businesses who understand a strong web presence is key to being successful. In fact, she'd like to talk to you about the web...right now.